Donations to Sheridan Historical Society

This list of items was recently donated to the Sheridan, IL Historical Society. In moving these wonderful historical items to the Historical Building it was felt that they would be read and appreciated by so many more visitors of all ages.

History of LaSalle County, Illinois, 1886, Volume One

Way Back When:  Stories From a Little Town, by Rob Borchsenius

Chicago History, Fall 2012

Plan of Chicago, Burnham & Bennett, Centennial Edition, 2009

History of LaSalle County:  A Sketch of the Pioneer Settlers of Each Town to 1840 by Elmer Baldwin

The Past and Present of LaSalle County, Illinois, H. F. Kett & Company, 1887, reprinted by Higginson Book Company

The Log Book of a Young Immigrant, Norwegian-American Historical Association, Northfield, MN, 1939

Corbridge and Black Families, O.D. Corbridge, Corbridge-On-Tyne, 1914

Sheridan, Illinois Grade School yearbooks, 1977-1998, 2003-2009

Family Maps of LaSalle County, Illinois, Deluxe Edition by Gregory A. Boyd, Arphax Publishing Company, 2010

Si Johnson History (personal scrapbook)

Norwegian-Americans in the Midwest, From Fjord to Prairie, 1825-1975, Lawrence M. Nelson, Anniversary Commission

Sheridan Clippings (personal scrapbook), donated by John Morahn

Glen Park News from the Daily Republican Times (weekly newspaper, Ottawa, Illinois), on History of Gualano Orchestra

The John M. Lamb Collection, The History of the Illinois and Michigan Canal and Related Subjects in 56 documents, September, 2004

Remembering the Rural One-Room Schools of LaSalle County, LaSalle County Historical Society, Utica, Illinois, Volumes 1 & 2, 2011

A Book of Memories and Reflections From the Years of 1922-2000 and Beyond, Serena High School graduating class photos, Serena, Illinois

A History of Freedom Township, Located in the Northern Part of LaSalle County, Illinois, 1776-1976, compiled by Evelyn M. Goetsch, sponsored by the Freedom Township Board

39th Bomb Group, 60th Squadron, Crew 16 article and photos (personal scrapbook)

The Biography of Silas K. Johnson, report written by Matthew M. Clifford

Sheridan, Illinois Fire Department History, donated by Fire-Chief Kurt Tirevold, 2009

Sheridan, Illinois Elected Officials, 1872-1975

General Philip Sheridan, Civil War, report and photos, 2009

Rowe Family History, report by Barbara Clark Dochterman, 1999

Sheridan High School 1898-1939 (personal scrapbook)

Sheridan, Illinois History, news articles (personal scrapbook)

Sheridan Area Centennial, 1872-1997, written by Centennial Committee

Sheridan Area Quasquicentennial, 1872-1997, written by Quasquicentennial Committee

The Sheridan News, history compiled by Betsy Green, newspaper archives, 1872-1906

Serena Methodist Church Members Memorial Day Tribute, compiled and donated by Cindy Gunderson

Bernard Family History, donated by Virginia Hann

Brevig/Brevick Families, a history donated by Kendall Ellingson

Newark 175th Birthday, 1985-2010: A 25-Year Supplement to Newark’s Sesquicentennial History Book, 1835-1985

The Old Rural Schools of Kendall County, Marvin L. Lawyer, 1995

Lugland Family Tree, June, 1996, compiled by James E. Schlosser with research articles by Donald O. Schlosser

A Tribute to Our Veterans, Sheridan Historical Society (personal scrapbook)

Rowe Family History by Barbara Clark Dochterman, 1999, revised edition 2002

Petty Presto Potter:  A Foundation of Faith and Love (DVD)

Robert W. Rowe Public Library, 20th Anniversary (DVD)

Sandwich, Illinois, Newark Station, 150 years of Family, Friends and Industry (1859-2009) (DVD)

Robert W. Rowe Public Library:  A Dream…A Vision…A Decade of Reality, 1994-2004 (DVD)

Fridleys Since the Civil War, Part I and II of the Fridley Family Who’s Who Series (includes birth and death index, residence records)

History of Kendall County, Illinois, 1994 edition

The Sloopers:  Their Ancestry and Posterity, by J. Hart Rosdail, Norwegian Slooper Society of America, 1961

Serena High School yearbooks, 1988, 1990, 2002-2006, 2008-2009, 2016-2017

Sheridan, Illinois and local area cemeteries (personal scrapbook)

Sheridan, Illinois Obituaries, Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Military Veterans (personal scrapbook)

Scrapbook of Stella Beardsley Castelli

The Owl and the Glen Echo, Sheridan High School news in 2 volumes

One Room Schools (personal scrapbook)

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