History of the Library

Opened on May 1, 1994, the Robert W. Rowe Public Library was the brainchild of Sheridan resident Robert W. Rowe. In his youth Rowe dreamed of having a local library. Years later he began the process of making his dream come true. A descendant of the founder of the town of Sheridan, he was contacted for the town's centennial celebration in 1972, where he expressed his wish. After a lengthy legal process, a library district was created and construction could begin on the library itself. Rowe graciously took full responsibility for the construction of the building, hiring an architect and other such tasks. The library was completed and has become an appreciated institution in the town of Sheridan.
The Board of Trustees at that time vowed to try and remain on the "cutting edge" as much as possible. As forward thinkers they looked to the future and the impact the library could have on the surrounding area. They quickly realized libraries are places of opportunity. Libraries help people of all ages and backgrounds to lead more satisfying lives.