Friends of the Library Membership Application




 Let’s Be Friends!


120 E. Si Johnson Ave.

P.O. Box 358

Sheridan, Illinois  60551

Hours of operation:

Mon. Thurs. Fri – 10:00-5:00

Tues. Wed. – 1:00-8:00

Sat. 10:00-2:00



  Why Be a Friend of the Library?

  As a Friend, you will be publicly affirming the value of the library for you, your family, and the community.

Your dues and efforts will help to provide free educational programs for the adults and children in the community, make additional library services available, and contribute to making the library a more pleasant place to read, use the computers, and spend time with children.


You may choose your level of involvement, from showing support with a nominal membership donation, to helping out now and then, to becoming fully involved with decisions regarding fund disbursements.  We welcome your participation at whatever level is comfortable for you.


Activities at the Library

4th of July Used Book Sale

Christmas Cookie Bake Sale

Reading Discussion Groups:

Mystery/Young Adult/Adult

Summer Reading Program

Winter Reading Program

Field Trips

Speakers of Interest

Library Week Celebrations

Children’s Book Week Activities



May is Friends sign up month.  Please consider rejoining our organization again this year.


Membership Form:
















____Single                             $5.00




____Family                             $10.00




____Patron                            $25.00




____Organization                 $50.00






Make checks payable to Friends of the Robert W. Rowe Public Library.




Are you willing to help with:

 ____     July Book Sale?

____     Christmas Cookie Sale?

 ____     Children’s programs?

____    Notify you of meetings?


Thank you for participating