of the

Robert W. Rowe Library

* The Board of the Robert W. Rowe Public Library District looks upon the establishment of “Friends of the Library” as a worthwhile community endeavor which will benefit the library district. 
* All “Friends of the Library” projects should be undertaken only with full knowledge and approval of the Board of Trustees of the library district. 
* It is the wish of the Board of Trustees to receive information about the Friends meetings, officers, plans, and purposes. 
* Friends of the Library are distinct and separate from the library trustees and cannot set library policies. 
* Since Friends are volunteers, distinct and separate from library personnel, library staff members may participate in Friends’ activities as members of the Friends, not as staff members. 
* Public relations work by Friends on behalf of the library should be coordinated through the library. The library may share ideas, offer suggestions and do preliminary work of news releases for Friends. The library may also work with publicity directors of Friends in an advisory capacity. Expenditures of public funds for public relations is limited in scope by law: therefore, public relations programs adopted by Friends will not be tied into the budget of the Robert W. Rowe Public Library District. 

Why be a Friend

As a Friend, you will be publicly affirming the value of the library for you, your family, and the community.

Your dues and efforts will help to provide free educational programs for the adults and children in the community, make additional library services available, and contribute to making the library a more pleasant place to read, use the computers, and spend time with children.

You may choose your level of involvement, from showing support with a nominal membership donation, to helping out now and then, to becoming fully involved with decisions regarding fund disbursements.  We welcome your participation at whatever level is comfortable for you.