Collection Development

The authority and responsibility for the selection, acquisition, and weeding of the library materials in all formats are delegated to the library director and, under his or her direction, to additional staff members who are qualified for this activity.  These materials will be selected in a variety of formats including but not limited to: print, DVD, sound recording, and electronic media.

            Reviews in professionally recognized periodicals are a primary source for materials selection. Standard bibliographies, book lists by recognized authorities, including best seller lists, and the advice of competent people in specific subject areas will also be used.

            In accordance with the American Library Association (ALA) guidelines including the Freedom to Read and Freedom to View statements and the Library Bill of Rights, the Robert W. Rowe Public Library District sees as its function to provide materials for all ages, from preschool through maturity. The aim of the adult collection is to make available items that will meet the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational interests and needs of the patrons. To fulfill this purpose, the library endeavors to maintain a carefully selected collection of good, representative books of permanent value and current interest. Each title is judged as whole and isolated passages are not used as criteria.

            The children’s collection is selected to provide pleasurable reading for reading’s sake and to provide information of all fields of knowledge which are of interest to children. The collection is selected for children of all ages and abilities and emphasis is placed upon books which stimulate imagination, mental growth, and the development of good taste in literature.

            The library will provide materials treating all sides of controversial issues – materials that give evidence of a sincere desire to be factual, that are written in a reasonable fashion and show result of careful study.

            Materials on controversial issues that are written in a violent, sensational, or inflammatory manner will ordinarily not be selected. Books of doubtful value about which there is great curiosity, will occasionally be acquired by the library.  These materials will  be discarded when they have served the purpose of meeting a strong, though temporary demand.

            Responsibility for the reading material of children and adolescents rests with the parents or legal guardians. While a person may reject materials for himself or herself or for his or her children, he or she cannot exercise censorship to restrict access to the materials of others. When a patron voices objections to a particular item held in the library’s collection, a Request for Reconsideration form (See Appendix A) will be filled out and reviewed by the Director.