Behavior in the Library Policy

Rules of Conduct on Library Premises

Library patrons have a right to expect that the library will be quiet, safe, and an enjoyable place for reading and study.  The Library Director and authorized staff are responsible for enforcing patron conduct in the library and on library premises.  Anyone found to be interfering with another’s use and enjoyment of the library will be asked to stop the behavior or activity.  If the behavior continues, the staff will ask the individual to leave the library. Failure to leave will result in the staff calling for assistance.

1. No smoking in the library.

2. No food, drink, or gum in the library.

3. Pets of any kind will not be allowed.

4. Appropriate clothing is required which includes shirts and shoes.  No rollerblades allowed.5. Flyers, brochures, pamphlets, etc. may be accepted for display which describe an event or activity of public interest.  No announcements of a strictly personal nature will be accepted.  In no case will the library staff participate in the distribution of any but library generated publications.

6. Solicitation of funds within the library will not be permitted.

7. Preschoolers may not be left unattended in the library unless they are participating in a library program.  In the case of children being unattended the following will occur:  a staff member will accompany the child within the building to reunite them with the adult in charge, or if the child is alone in the library, a staff member will call the parents and request that they pick up the child.

8. The telephone is for business use of the staff.  Patrons may use the phone for emergency use only.

9. Unattended school age children are free to use the library facilities provided their behavior is not disruptive to other patrons or to the staff members.  The library is not to be used as after school or daytime child care.  The District Board of Trustees asserts that it is the parents’ responsibility to provide child care.

10. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children, whether or not the parents are in attendance.  Disruptive children, attended or unattended, may be asked to leave the library after one warning.  Library staff may notify the appropriate authorities if they have reason to suspect that there is significant evidence of abuse or neglect.

11. All library users must conform to acceptable standards of hygiene and cleanliness in order to prevent the disturbance of other library users and their use of the facility.  Patrons exhibiting unsanitary hygiene may be asked to leave the premises.

12.  Failure to abide by the rules of the library will be a basis for suspension of library privileges.
13. The following actions may result in the loss of library privileges: using another patron’s library card for personal use, fighting or other disruptive behavior, abusive language, defacing or abusing library property, and taking materials from the library without checking them out.

14. Library users may not harass or bother other library users or library employees on library property.  The library enforces a comprehensive harassment policy which also covers sexual harassment.

15. The library grounds and parking lot should not be used as a playground.  The library assumes no liability for individuals using the library property during hours in which the library is closed.

16. Loitering in the library building, the foyer, or on the library premises is prohibited.  Patrons shall be engaged in activities associated with the use of the public library while in the building.  Patrons not engaged in reading, stuydying, or using library materials or services shall be required to leave the library premises.